Divorce & Family Law

Few things may be as traumatic to families than separation and divorce, especially when there are substantial assets and liabilities involved and complex parenting plans to develop and agree upon. The process can seem frightening and mind numbing.

Matthew Gilbert’s practice is focused on high net worth marital asset division, specifically including valuing and dividing businesses and tracing non-marital assets.  Matt has significant experience in advocating for or eliminating spousal maintenance or alimony awards.

Gilbert Alden attorney Beth Barbosa has been helping people through the divorce process for two decades, with a special focus on complicated cases involving substantial marital assets.  Beth has a lengthy and well-established track record of successfully representing people in difficult, high-risk cases.

For a sampling of some of Beth’s representative cases, click here to read more.

By drawing on the unique talent of a highly qualified and experienced family law attorneys such as Beth Barbosa and Matthew Gilbert, Gilbert Alden PLLC is uniquely situated to help couples in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota work through the often-difficult and highly emotional issues that can arise during a divorce. To learn more about how Beth, Matt, and the attorneys at Gilbert Alden may be able to help you through this difficult time, call for a no obligation meeting 612-564-0137 or send an email.