Class Action Litigation

A class action is a lawsuit brought brought by one or more employee, on behalf of that employee or employees and others who are similarly situated. In order to maintain a class action in state and federal court, certain requirements must be met, including having an adequate number of employees who have suffered the same type of treatment, and similarity in the manner in which those employees have been treated by their employer. Class actions can be maintained for failure to comply with overtime laws, or other unlawful employment practices that affect a larger class of employees.

Gilbert Alden has initiated class actions on behalf of groups of employees would’ve been made to work off the clock, have been paid unlawfully on a piece rate basis, or have otherwise been victims of a common plan or scheme to unlawfully reduce their hours worked and pay them less than they are owed under state and federal law.

If you believe that your employer has implemented and unlawful paint practice at your place of employment, and it affects a large portion of the workforce, please contact the attorneys at Gilbert Alden for a free consultation. We look forward to meeting with you.