Wage And Hour Violations

Wage and hour violations are not limited to failure to pay overtime. State and federal law protects employees’ rights to have mandatory meal and rest breaks depending on the length of the employees shift, and recent developments in the law have clarified a number of other rights belonging to employees, including the right to be compensated for expenses like travel or laundering work uniforms, the right to hold an employer accountable for unlawful deductions from your wage for employer-suffered loss, prohibitions against tip sharing or tip pooling agreements, and numerous other creative ways that employers come up with to unlawfully engage in wage theft.

Attorneys at Gilbert Alden stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the law to be sure that we are carefully and thoughtfully analyzing your compensation structure to be sure that you are getting paid all of the wages that you deserve. If you have questions about your employers pay practices and feel that you might be entitled to compensation for time works that you were not paid for, please contact the experienced attorneys at Gilbert Alden to set up a free consultation.