Unpaid Wages

The methods by which employees are deprived of their wages are not limited to overtime and wage and hour violations. Often times, employers simply fail to pay employees what they are owed, for instance if upon termination of your employment, your employer does not provide you with your last paycheck within 24 hours of termination, or upon your demand.  State and federal statutes provide with rights to receive their last paycheck, and to receive payment for all amounts owed, including commissions, within a very short period of time after termination of the employment relationship. The applicable statutes often apply penalties against the employers, which in some cases may entitle you to twice the amount of compensation withheld, as well as interest and attorneys fees to a prevailing party in an action to recover wages.

At Gilbert Alden, we have represented dozens of employees in all matter of disputes regarding unpaid wages, from commissioned salespersons who were denied their accrued but unpaid commissions after termination of the employment relationship, to salaried employees who were deprived of their last paychecks, to hourly employees who were not paid their final paychecks or paid a lower hourly rate for their final pay period.

Sometimes, when presented with a strongly worded demand letter from a Gilbert Alden attorney, employers will pay what they owe plus a penalty, whereas in other cases, we have successfully commenced and resolved litigation with favorable results to our clients.  If your employer owes you wages, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at Gilbert Alden for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you.