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What does spousal maintenance or alimony include and how it is calculated?

Spousal maintenance may be paid from one spouse to another and should provide for the reasonable monthly expenses of the obligee spouse so that spouse may maintain the same marital standard of living he or she enjoyed during the marriage. Examples of expenses included in spousal maintenance or alimony Spousal maintenance or alimony may include… Read more »

Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

In some states, marriage counseling is required before a party can file for divorce.  In Minnesota, there is no requirement that the parties attend marriage counseling before filing for divorce.  Instead, Minnesota law requires the spouse filing for divorce to have been a resident in the State of Minnesota for the past 180 days and… Read more »

How to Collect Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

As a part of a divorce proceeding, alimony or spousal maintenance may be awarded to either party if one spouse has the ability to pay and the other party has a need for support.  After receiving a spousal maintenance award, it is not uncommon for the spousal maintenance obligor to not pay or pay a… Read more »

I was served with a Summons With Real Estate and a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, what should I do?

The Summons and Petition initiate the divorce proceeding.  In Minnesota, the Summons orders you to appear before a court. Filing an Answer in Minnesota divorce The Summons also requires you to file an Answer within 30 days after service of the document.  The Answer sets forth your response to the Petition and often includes a Counter-Petition… Read more »