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Tax Reform and Spousal Maintenance: Not All Bad News

In November 14, 2017, I wrote an opinion article which appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding the elimination of the deduction for spousal maintenance on tax returns. At the time, the Senate’s proposed tax bill did not have this same provision. I was not sure how the House and Senate would reconcile their differences…. Read more »

The Stress of Divorce: What If a Spouse Dies During the Process?

There’s no doubt that a divorce is stressful.  Sometimes the stress can impact a person’s health in unimaginable ways – even the very real possibility of death.  I recently received a somewhat panicked phone call from one of my clients who informed me he was having a triple bypass surgery in a few days.  This… Read more »

Tis the Season of Holiday Parenting Time Exchanges

At this time of the year, my family room is invaded with commercials of happy, perfect families gathering around the tree or table for the holidays. While commercial retail America would like to paint this joyous picture, many families experience the very opposite. The reality for many families that are divorced or going through a… Read more »

What does spousal maintenance or alimony include and how it is calculated?

Spousal maintenance may be paid from one spouse to another and should provide for the reasonable monthly expenses of the obligee spouse so that spouse may maintain the same marital standard of living he or she enjoyed during the marriage. Examples of expenses included in spousal maintenance or alimony Spousal maintenance or alimony may include… Read more »

Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

In some states, marriage counseling is required before a party can file for divorce.  In Minnesota, there is no requirement that the parties attend marriage counseling before filing for divorce.  Instead, Minnesota law requires the spouse filing for divorce to have been a resident in the State of Minnesota for the past 180 days and… Read more »